The Remote Gambling Association(RGA)

We are a London & Brussels -based trade association whose members are all licensed for gambling purposes in Europe.

Our membership includes most of the world’s largest and most respected Internet gambling companies, many of whom also have interests in terrestrial gambling establishments.

We are committed to promoting a regulated and non-discriminatory environment for responsible licensed operators in the world’s remote gambling markets.

The key objectives of the RGA are as follows:

  • to provide an organisation for the benefit and service of remote gambling operators within the betting and gaming industry;
  • to consider litigation and where appropriate support any of its members involved in litigation over the right to provide services;
  • to represent, express and give effect to the views and opinions of remote gambling operators and their employees on commercial or mercantile matters;
  • to encourage high standards of probity and integrity within the betting and gaming industry, both for the benefit of its members and the public generally; and
  • to encourage social responsibility within the betting and gaming industry effected through various means including support for charities and initiatives to help those who have gambling problems.

RGA’s role is to provide the industry with a single voice on all the issues of importance to regulators, legislators, and key decision makers around the world. We are working to promote a regulated and non-discriminatory environment for on-line gaming globally. Within Europe we call for fair and open market access for all companies licensed or legally established therein . European consumers should be guaranteed the right to access services provided by regulated and responsible on-line gaming providers of their choice. RGA encourages social responsibility and high standards of probity and integrity within the industry through the development of codes of conduct.