The licensed betting industry is (i) a willing ally in the fight against corruption; and (ii) an important commercial partner for the sporting sector.  The RGA is therefore committed to:

Protecting the integrity of sport

  • Assisting with fact-based assessment to identify the real risks; where they emanate from; and establishing a proportionate response to each.
  • Supporting and contributing to international agreements in pursuit of that objective
  • Supporting concerted international action (such as that being considered by the IOC, the Council of Europe, and the European Commission)
  • Investing resources, both physical and financial, to ensure that betting operators comply with all regulatory requirements and have the capacity and ability to monitor effectively all sports betting transactions and trends.

Information sharing

  • Supplying regulators and appropriate sports governing bodies with the data they need to combat integrity threats, subject to any legal restrictions.
  • Considering whether current legal restrictions, primarily those associated with data protection, should be sustained if it is shown that they are a barrier to safeguarding the integrity of sports.
  • Encouraging national and international statutory authorities to establish intelligence and information sharing capabilities and agreements.
  • Developing existing co-operation and information sharing mechanisms such as the ones deployed by ESSA and individual betting operators.

Working relationships

  • As a priority, working with governments, law enforcement agencies, regulators and sporting authorities to prevent corruption in sport.
  • Working with those same groups to improve the understanding of the risk management and controls that are associated with each type of bet.
  • Supporting sports governing bodies in their efforts to establish clear, comprehensive, and consistent rules; good governance measures; and enforceable sanctions.

Commercial relationships

  • Identifying and promoting commercial opportunities that are beneficial to both the sporting and betting sectors (sponsorship, advertising, joint ventures etc)

Education and training

  • Promoting and supporting actively education and training for athletes and officials to highlight and combat the dangers of match-fixing. For example by contributing to codes of practice, and funding programmes such as those run by EU Athletes and the Professional Players Federation.

Licensed and regulated betting

  • Lobbying for the introduction of licensing regimes for betting operators (of whatever kind) in every country, to include measures that are designed to ensure the integrity of both betting and sports.